On behalf of the IUTOX Executive Committee and more than 60 member societies, I am honored to welcome you to the 16th International Congress of Toxicology (ICTXVI) in the beautiful city of Maastricht. Under the strong leadership of Professors Theo de Kok and Flemming Cassee, the Dutch Society of Toxicology team has worked tirelessly to plan a superb scientific program around the relevant theme, “Uniting in Toxicology.” I am pleased to “reunite” with so many of you after turbulent recent years for the global community.

This week we will gather with leaders of IUTOX Member Societies at the General Assembly to report on our activities since 2019 and to undertake the important business of electing new leaders to serve on the Executive Committee and to vote on future ICT and CTDC venues. When I pass the gavel to Dr. José Manautou on September 19, I will do so with gratitude to the Executive Committee, all of whom have served IUTOX with great dedication to our mission and the scientists we serve. I am also grateful to our Member Society leaders who have supported the work of IUTOX to ensure its future. This week I extend a special thanks to each Congress participant, speaker, exhibitor, and volunteer for participating in ICTXVI and for making this exceptional week possible. Most notable is the vibrant spirit of our Dutch hosts who have provided us with the warmest of welcomes and hospitality in the proud tradition of the Netherlands. I thank them for creating an unforgettable Congress experience.

Finally, I invite each of you to participate in IUTOX activities and to contribute your time and talents to our work of improving human health through the science and practice of toxicology worldwide. What better way than to get acquainted with our amazing network at the Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (CTDC12) in Santiago, Chile (April 2024) and at the next ICT meeting (ICTXVII) in Beijing, China (October 2025).

I wish all of you a week of engaging science and the company of old and new friends. I also bid you a fond farewell after many years of service to IUTOX.


Peter Di Marco

Dear colleagues and friends,

As president of the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX), I am honored to welcome all delegates to the 16th International Congress of Toxicology, which represents a unique opportunity to unite over 1400 preeminent and young toxicological scientists from 64 countries, and 66 exhibitors, in the historical city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. After two years of COVID-19, and limited possibilities to meet as scientists, colleagues, and friends, it is with great enthusiasm that we meet again face-to-face.

At a time when this congress becomes a pleasant reality and a joint milestone on the path of EUROTOX and the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX), it is important to acknowledge the hard work of all who contributed to its success. Behind the scenes, there was an extensive effort of the specialty sections and committees and of both societies, as well as their executive boards and secretariats. Our special thanks are due to the Dutch Society of Toxicology for the determination and capacity demonstrated in hosting this event, to the organizing committee, wisely chaired by Theo de Kok, and assisted by our PCO, KIT group, and to the International Scientific Program Committee, chaired by Flemming Cassee.

The world of toxicology is at an important stage of paradigm shifts at various levels. These changes, which arise from still unmet needs to find and validate experimental models that are closer to humans, are characterised by the appearance of new approach methodologies, equipment with higher performance and greater sensitivity, and computer algorithms to deal with big data, allowing us to advance science and unveil the secrets of adverse outcomes like never before in order to move towards the next generation of risk assessment. The scientific program is well placed to provide an extensive update on the state of the art and monitor such paradigm shifts in the field of Toxicology, but most importantly it provides a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, and to create and deepen ties among us.

My best wishes for a successful and fruitful congress to you all. Let’s unite to promote the safety of humans, animals, and the environment, and protect global health.

Welkom in Maastricht en geniet van het congress!

Félix Carvalho

Dear colleagues and delegates,

After an intensive preparation period, it is with great pleasure that the Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT) is welcoming the global community to the XVIth International Congress of Toxicology in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from September 18 to 21, 2022. This congress is jointly organized with the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) as well as the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX), and unites the best of toxicological scientists worldwide in the historical city of Maastricht. 

When we chose ‘Uniting in Toxicology’ as theme of the congress, we could hardly have imagined how appropriate it would be and how much we would be longing to re-unite after a long period of separation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to make this re-union a memorable and unforgettable event, we have set-up an inspiring scientific program and prepared a warm welcome in a lovely city that offers plenty opportunities to meet and greet in the nicest places you can imagine.  One of the first opportunities to celebrate our re-union is the Opening Ceremony on Sunday, which includes a surprise act and is followed by the Welcome Reception where some snacks and drinks will be served.

We have managed to create an exciting scientific program in which the state of the art is presented as well as reflections on great achievements in recent years. We pay special attention to the early career toxicologists by offering a total of six sessions with Short Oral Communications – please take the opportunity to also acknowledge the research results of our young colleagues.

IUTOX ICT 2022 will not only take place in the rooms of the congress centre MECC, but also in the centre of Maastricht. We are especially looking forward to the “Pub-up your poison” event on Monday evening, when ten different toxicological topics will be discussed in ten different pubs. The pubs’ doors will be open not only to congress participants, but also to all interested parties from Maastricht. Also the following night will be a night to remember as we celebrate the Congress Dinner Party.
Remaining tickets for both events are still available at the registration desk!

We are very excited that you all found your way to Maastricht – it is a great pleasure to re-unite with valued colleagues and friends for a successful ICT 2022!

Theo de Kok (Chair of the Local Organizing Committee)
Flemming Cassee (Chair of the Scientific Program Committee)


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