Call for abstracts

Abstract submission will be possible from November 1, 2021.
Further information about abstract submission will soon be available here.

Topics for abstract submission:

T01 Advanced materials toxicology
T02 Adverse outcome pathways
T03 Artificial Intelligence in toxicological risk assessment
T04 Biomarkers of adverse effects
T05 Clinical and forensic toxicology
T06 Computational toxicology
T07 Dermal toxicology
T08 Developmental & reproductive toxicology
T09 Environmental toxicology
T10 Genotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity
T11 Gastrointestinal tract toxicology & microbiome
T12 Immunotoxicology
T13 Organ toxicology (includes liver, heart, kidney, spleen and blood)
T14 In vitro methodologies & screening
T15 In vitro to in vivo to human extrapolation
T16 Inhalation and respiratory toxicology
T17 Metabolic toxicology and biotransformation
T18 Mixture toxicology
T19 Neurotoxicology
T20 New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)
T21 New (alternative) methods
T22 Occupational toxicology
T23 Omics approaches in toxicology
T24 Regulatory toxicology
T25 Risk prediction and assessment
T26 Safe by design & toxicology
T27 Translational toxicology
T28 Toxicological pathology