Congress Dinner Party

And of course, please mark your calendars already today for Tuesday, September 20 – on this day the traditional Congress Dinner Party will take place, inviting you to network but also to party while enjoying Dutch specialties. More information will be available here soon.


From 22h30 until 00h00 there will be an afterparty that can be joined by every participant of ICT 2022 (access only with the congress name badge). During the afterparty drinks can be bought at the bar. The bar is completely cashless.

Further information:

*Muziekgieterij is located at Boschstraat 5, 6211 AS in Maastricht. The entrance is at the back of the building, so enter Richie Backfireplein 10, 6211 AE Maastricht in your navigation (formerly Bassin 88, 6211 AK Maastricht).

  • Doors open at 19h30.

  • Lockers are available at the venue, please note you can use the lockers for 1 EUR per locker. In the back of the checkroom you will find two change machines where you can change coins for 1 EUR or withdraw money. The easiest way is to bring your own coins.

  • The tickets include food, drinks, and entertainment from 19h30 until 22h30. In addition, the ticket includes three vouchers for drinks that can be ordered after 22h30, when the afterparty is in full swing. There are still a few tickets available, but act fast!

  • Please do not forget to bring your ticket to the venue.

How to get there:

Around and near the Sphinx Quarter there are several parking lots, the closest is parking Sphinxterrein. Further on there is also the possibility to park under shopping center Mosae Forum or at the Bassin.

A bicycle shed is located next to Muziekgieterij, so that cycling visitors to Muziekgieterij can park their bikes as well. That way, you park for free and also do your bit for the environment.

Muziekgieterij is also accessible by public transportation. The nearest bus stop is bus stop Boschstraat/Maagdendries, located on the Boschstraat. From here you can walk to the Muziekgieterij within 5 minutes.

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