Pub Up Your Poison 2022

Speaker instructions

What do we expect:

An interesting current topic within Toxicology.

Speakers who enjoy pitching (max 15 min.) their topic in layman’s terms and engaging in debate with a diverse audience consisting of locals, students and congress delegates.

What do we need:

Three speakers per pub, each of whom will give a concise pitch appropriate to the topic lasting up to 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute debate, followed by drinks.

This alternates 3 times during the evening. The local host will contact you to discuss the procedure and for 3 or 4 questions per presenter to prepare a pub quiz for the closing of the evening!

What we offer you:

A varied, interesting and fun atmosphere, free drinks and snacks and a way to get out of the box and have a societal impact by presenting science in a different way.

Become enthusiastic! Register now.

It is possible to register only as speaker for your own topic (the organisation will then link you to other pitches within your domain), or,
register as main speaker and already have two colleagues (preferably outside your own department/university) registered so that your topic supplemented with 2 matching pitches can be placed in 1 pub.


The registration was possible until July 07, 2022.

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